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My previous post was all about the analysis of women having it all and how different women now provide different definitions to the term. We want to succeed and better ourselves consistently. But we’re also way too hard on ourselves, aren’t we? We’re our own worst enemies. We’re afraid to make mistakes, and with that, we’re afraid to fail. It doesn’t matter what aspect of a woman’s life it is. We’re just afraid to fail. Men aren’t like that. Men are the more logical creatures, whereas we’re the emotional ones. Men, however, aren’t judged by society for how they lead their lives, but we constantly are.

I’m afraid to fail too. I’d say I’m too afraid to fail, and therefore, I tend to want to give up too easily. I’d always have these thoughts running through my head that I wasn’t good enough to do what I did, which was always content creation. I think that I would’ve been a lot better off career wise if I were to just not give a sh*t about people’s opinions of me back then. But that was then. I started over a little over a year ago and I’m never looking back.

I’ve been a content creator for over a decade now. What I realize now more than ever before is that art is just a matter of matter of perspective. Some people will like your art, some people will love your art, and others will absolutely hate it with a passion. Not everyone in the world can like you for who you are. Hence, why would even expect everyone in your circle of friends to even like your art?

Content creation could literally be anything. I started out writing Top 10 lists for an online magazine. Later that year, I started my own blog where I wrote about topics such as business, project management, marketing, and more. The blog led me to get the opportunity to work at a recruitment agency. I was initially hired to work as a recruiter, but after some time of me working there, my boss stumbled upon my blogging website and handed me the role of content creation. I was in charge of the company’s social media presence, and I wrote blog posts on the company’s behalf. Once I graduated college, I began working as a professional freelance writer. I still accept inquiries as a freelance writer, but the workload has slowed down, and it hasn’t been nearly enough to make a living, especially with the inflation at hand. For a certain time period during the pandemic, I got extremely bored. I’m the type of person that needs to stay busy, and that’s how this blog came to life – by me needing to stay busy.

In my decade long experience of being a content creator, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. I didn’t have much help when I was starting out. Being a freelance writer, especially, can be very lonely most of the time. It’s a very competitive industry. We all want the same client, and I was told to f*ck off most of the time when I’d ask for help when I was a newbie. I don’t think it’s right, but I’m just one person. I’m not one to say what’s right or wrong in this world. But what I can do is provide some tips and tricks in order to better and improve one’s content creation mechanisms. So here it goes….

Show Up

Showing up every day is hard. But that’s what you gotta do if you want your content to be seen by as many people as possible. Sure, you’ll have your weird, bad days from time to time. You can take breaks during those days. But make sure you never stop showing up – in person and online. Go to as many events as you can and network with as many people as possible to tell them about your endeavors.

Network, network , network

I can never say this word enough times when I talk about content creation. When I speak of networking, I don’t just think of promoting whatever way you’re creating your content. For me, networking is about having new conversations with new people and finding new inspirations for new content. The content you create shouldn’t just be about you and your opinions. It should also be based on the opinions, thoughts, experiences and inspirations you’re exposed to. That’s what makes your content different than others’ and more interesting and intriguing to read/watch. I base my own content on this blog and on my social media on the conversations I have with family, friends, and any new individual I encounter, as well as anything I see in the media and news outlet that inspires me. That’s what keeps me going. It can get irritating to write solely on what you know. It can also get boring for your audience too. Learning and growing is the right way to go.


As I stated before, freelancing is a very lonely industry. There is absolutely no teamwork. That was my freelancing journey anyways. As soon as I began my blogging journey again, all I did was collaborate. When I started out with The Graceful Boon, 80% of what I did was collaborate with individuals from all walks of life. More than a year later, I still collaborate, and I intend to continue to collaborate as much as I possibly can in the future – near AND far. With that being said, I encourage all of you, my fellow content creators, present and future, to do the exact same. Not only will you get new perspectives and new content f, but you’ll also gain new audiences on your blog, YouTube channel, social media, or any other platform you may have.

Be consistent

Being consistent is not the same as showing up. Content is something that needs to be ongoing. Breaks in between shouldn’t be long. In fact, if you want Google to rank your content higher, you CAN’T have long breaks in between. That’s why it’s so crucial to go back to the first pointer and read it again. Your content has to be consistent, but it also has to be rich in value. That’s how you get your audience to come back and newcomers viewing your content. That’s where your inspiration comes in. Sitting at home by your computer is just not enough anymore to be a great content creator.

Don’t give up

This is a big one for me, and I just wish I listened to my own advice years ago. Content creation isn’t a get-rich-fast type of business. It can take months, and in some cases years, for your content to grow and gain viewership and following. With that being said, it’s important to never give up. There will be people that will try to degrade you, that will make fun of you, and will encourage you to give up. Don’t oblige to the outside noise. Keep working hard on your passion and success will come your way.


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