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According To Kelly Clarkson – The 3 Main Positive Outcomes Of Getting A Divorce

For the past three blog posts, we’ve been talking about women, particularly disabled women, being superheroes, as well as the strength it takes to be a woman struggling with a chronic illness. I want to continue this conversation in this blog post, because I realize that there is one woman who’s defined a woman’s superpower and strength over a course of two decades, and that’s Kelly Clarkson. While doing research for my previous post, I came across an interview Clarkson did with Lindsay Lohan on her show where the two women talked about the joys of motherhood. This made me think of Clarkson’s personal life and everything it entailed, specifically her divorce from Brandon Blackstock and all the good that came out of it.

Irish Wish: Changing Your Story Is Never The Answer To Your True Happiness

Lindsay Lohan’s new Netflix movie, ‘Irish Wish’, is a St. Patrick’s Day version of ’13 Going On 30′. It’s a hit as it’s the #1 movie in 46 countries and is in the top 10 worldwide. Regardless, it’s been panned by critics for being just another typical rom-com, and it’s not very surprising. I, however, saw the premise of the movie on a more in-depth analysis, especially as a writer, which is the career path that Maddie, Lohan’s character, aspires to be. I also compare this movie to another Netflix hit, ‘The Players’. Here, I tell you how changing your story is never the answer to your true happiness, through the eyes of ‘Irish Wish’.

What Christina Applegate’s Sentiment On Being A Disabled Mom Made Me Realize About My Own Journey As A Disabled Mom

This entire blogging website’s motto is mental health. I talk the talk when it comes to mental health, especially one relating to disability, illness and now more on a frequent basis, motherhood. But the real question is, do I walk the walk when it comes to mental health? Sometimes I wonder and question it myself. I have my bad moments of doubt and despair. I even have my bad days. It’s hard enough to be a woman who has a physical disability and a chronic illness. It’s even harder to be a mother who has a physical disability and a chronic illness. Christina Applegate’s recent interview with People Magazine gave me an entirely new perspective on my life as a disabled mom, as well as my journey to become a mother as a whole…

The Idea Of Going Through A Chronic Illness And A Breakup Simultaneously

I was recently reminded of the 2016 flick, ‘How To Be Single’, which starred Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, and Alison Brie. In the movie, the main character, Alison, breaks up with her boyfriend of 4 years for no reason at all other than her curiosity as to what life is like as a single woman. But it made me think long and hard of breaking up with someone for the sake of starting over following a chronic illness diagnosis. No, not with a romantic partner (though it’s not uncommon as 75% of marriages end in divorce when one of the two struggles with a chronic illness), but rather breaking up with your old self.

Embracing The Journey: Our Life With Cerebral Palsy

This is a blog post written by our guest writer, Erika Bush. This is a very special post to be added to The Graceful Boon, because for the first time on this blog, we have the perspective of what cerebral palsy from a parent of someone who’s living with cerebral palsy. Erika’s youngest daughter, who’s 7 years old, has cerebral palsy, and here, Erika tells her story from the moment her daughter was born to now, and the strength it brought her as a parent.

How The Job Market Has Affected Me By Putting Me in A Box Due To My Cerebral Palsy And Epilepsy, And What I Aim To Do About It.

Writing my previous posts and having numerous conversations with friends made me think a lot about ableism that doesn’t just happen in a disabled person’s personal life, but in the job market as well. Companies might have their quotas to hire disabled people, and it might be illegal not to hire someone due to their disability, but in reality, all that is complete bullsh*t! But I don’t just tell you of my experience in the job search, as I continue to do so from the previous post, but I also give you Canadian statistics as well on what the job market looks like for disabled people.

Woody Harrelson’s ‘Champions’: What Makes A Disabled Person A Champion?

I recently got the chance to watch ‘Champions’, which is available on Amazon Prime and stars Woody Harrelson. At first, I thought it was called that because the basketball team Woody Harrelson is coaching wins the Paralympics with his aid. Though that’s the initial goal, the title of the movie ends up having a much deeper meaning for anyone who’s disabled. It’s about a disabled person being a champion in life…

Everything We Can Take Away From Gypsy-Rose Blanchard’s Story Of Killing Her Mother And Beyond

On December 28th, 2023, Gypsy-Rose Blanchard, who killed her mother in 2015 due to parental abuse for most of her life, was released from prison after serving more than 8 years for second-degree murder. Marc Feldman, an international expert on factitious disorders, said this was the first case he knew of in which an abused child killed an abusive parent. So here’s what we can all take away from this sad tale of events…