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Who Is The Graceful Boon?

THE GRACEFUL BOON was created by Stacie Kiselman, who is the graceful boon as she puts a positive spin into the words ‘crippled’ and ‘disabled’. Stacie is a writer, author and influencer. She is also a cerebral palsy and epilepsy warrior, a car accident survivor, a PCOS fighter, and a mental health advocate. She worked as a professional freelance writer for 6 years after surviving a car accident. After years of yearning to get better, she started journaling and turned that journal into a book, 12 Years A Woman: My Journey To Happiness, which is now available for purchase on AMAZON.

She came up with the idea for THE GRACEFUL BOON after she herself went through traumatic experiences and realized there was no such thing as a safe space to share her struggles and learn through others’ experiences. She created something that she lacked when she needed it the most – an online community and a safe space where she could share and read without fear. Here, you will be able to read Stacie’s inspiring stories, as well as the inspiring stories of other wonderful people who are so willing to share. If you and/or someone you know has your/their own inspiring stories to share, feel free to contact Stacie directly to have a chance to make your stories public.

THE GRACEFUL BOON aims to end the stigma surrounding disability and illness, as well as to bring support and comfort in times of need, and we also bring even more support for you and your loved ones. We have some amazing handmade products available in our shop. They’re low cost and high quality. Most importantly, all products will boost your energy and heal your mental health. Each and every product will make a great gift idea for your loved ones on any occasion.