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I never thought I could be a stay-at-home mom because I have only one child. In my mind I wholeheartedly believed a mom needed to have multiple kids to be a stay at home mom. How many of us have had thoughts or beliefs similar to this only to realize what we believed was wrong. Probably all of us at some point in our live The thoughts are probably along the lines of I can’t be x or I can’t do y because (insert whatever belief you have here). Whether it be I could never run a half marathon because I’m just not a runner or I could never be an entrepreneur because I am just not smart enough to run a business these beliefs can keep us stuck or stop us from trying new things. But the thing is if you have a desire that your brain keeps repeatedly bringing to your attention it is there for a reason. The desire is there because it is what you are supposed to be doing. Now these thoughts and beliefs that hold us back come from somewhere in our lives. Whether it be you were told by a teacher in school that you just weren’t smart or your parents taught you
that you couldn’t go on vacation without your child or society taught you that good parents don’t take vacations without their children. Whoever taught you that you can’t be or do something is wrong.

Yes, that is right they are wrong. I am here to tell you, you can do anything you want to do or be anything you want to be. Want to take a month off of work to travel Europe? You can! Want to be a stay at home mom and start a business? You can! Want to have deeper relationships with those around you? You can! You can do anything you want to. And it all starts with one simple choice to choose what you want. Then you keep making the choice every moment after that to keep going for the life you truly want and desire. For me to follow my desires and become a stay at home mom and coach was not an easy choice because it meant I had to leave my nice, comfy job as an accountant. I was plagued with a lot of fear and doubt. I asked myself on multiple occasions, what if I can’t get clients and we go broke?

I don’t know if you have ever been on a zip-line but I equate the experience of making a decision to change you life to that. If you haven’t ventured into zip lining or haven’t been for a while the experience is scary but so freeing. You are 30-40 feet off the ground (or maybe even higher) on a platform. Two trees have a rope attached to it and you are clipped onto the rope – expected to swing from one tree to the other like Tarzan (even though you are in fact not Tarzan). It can be so easy to let fear and doubt win in this scenario. It is easy to think there is no way that rope can hold me. It is easy to envision falling to your death 40 feet below. The fear can be so debilitating
that it stops you from having the experience of flying through the sky. But the thing is if you take the leap of faith and jump off the platform you get to experience flying. This is the same as with your goals and dreams. So many of us never get to feel the experience of flying. We just live a mediocre life because it is the safe route. We sit on the zip-line platform our entire life thinking what if?

I was there when I was making the choice between living a passionless life as an accountant and doing what was truly my heart’s desire, life coaching. (Ps. I don’t think being an accountant or anything else is bad I just like to encourage people to choose life intentionally)
It would have been so easy to stay in the safety and comfort of my office as an accountant but I decided to take the leap to fly. And I can truly say the journey has been amazing. The things that I have done and gotten to experience have been incredible. Last week I was just
sitting outside with my daughter observing her and nature around me. It felt like a magical moment of peace and tranquility. It felt like I was flying through life. Sometimes its these small moments that remind me why I decided to become a stay at home mom and coach, not the big ones like going on trips.

Now that’s not to say I haven’t had many failures and hard times because I have but the challenges have made me stronger. I can confidently say without these challenges I would not be sitting here today writing this. I would not have been confident enough before going through the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur to even consider writing a blog. But now after going through hard things I am so confident and happy to be writing this. Now let’s bring it back to the choice. You can make whatever choice you want in life. And the
amazing thing is you can make a different choice an hour, a week, a year, or 10 years later. You are never stuck in life. You can choose to make a different choice than you have in the past at any point.

Just because you have worked in the same job for the last 10 years does not mean you have to stay in that job. Just because you have never run a half marathon or written a book before doesn’t mean you can’t do either now. You are not bound by the choices of your past. But so many of us think we are because we were never taught anything differently. Take what we are told about college and the job world for example. We are told to choose a major, graduate with a degree in that major, then work for 40 years in that field before retiring.
But what if you get into a major or job and realize you hate it? So many people think because of a decision they made when they were 18 they are supposed to stay in a job they absolutely hate. So many people hate their jobs and life. But what if you could love your job and life with just a choice?

I want you to entertain the idea that you can make any choice you want. That nothing is keeping you stuck besides you. What would you do then? Would you choose the life you are living? Or would you choose something completely different? Whatever it is, there is no right or wrong. There are just choices that you get to decide are right for you. And if they change over time it is totally okay. You are an ever changing and evolving person. I personally don’t believe as humans we are meant to stay in one place for long periods of time like our society has conditioned us to think. The only constant in life is change and you get to choose what you do with that change. I want to end with this. If you feel called to do something different than what you hate or don’t like doing right now I want to encourage you to really consider going after what you feel called to do. Trust me, I was there it would have been so easy to stay in my comfortable life. But there were people waiting in the world to show up. They needed me to show up with love for my life. And there may be people just like that for you. It may be your family. It may be the entire world. Whoever it is you get to choose whether you want to make an impact on their life. And remember there is no right or wrong choice. Just choose your life. Stop making your choices based on what society, your mother-in-law or anyone else says. Choose the life you want to live!

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