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I’m almost sad to say this, but we’re back talking about the Kardashian-Jenner family There seems to be something happen to them that’s newsworthy; in the entertainment world, at least. My latest blog post about the family was specifically about Khloe Kardashian. She’s been on the news a lot in recent years, but not for the right reasons. Though I think any news is good news for the Kardashian-Jenner family. At the end of the day, any promotion is good promotion, unless someone’s a complete d*ck. Then their career in the public eye is over. No matter what anyone in the family says or does, their influence just doesn’t seem to fade.

Just as I said before, Khloe is the most interesting member of the family. I stand by my statement 100%. She recently went through a health crisis and lived through it and dealt with it in the best way. When her childhood best friend was crying her on ‘The Kardashians’, Khloe’s response was basically that you can’t be an emotional wreck when you have children, and that’s officially my new motto in life. Just as Khloe’s sister Kim said in another episode, it’s better to feel, heal and deal in any difficult situation. Khloe’s health is the latest development in her life, and the first one in years that didn’t have anything to do with her personal life.

Kardashian was previously married to Lamar Odom, and she saved his life when he overdosed back in 20115. They were separated by that point, but still legally married. She cancelled her plans to divorce him so that she could make all medical decisions on his behalf in such a life-or-death situation. Once he awakened and was out of the hospital, Odom stayed with the family while he recovered. It didn’t mean that they were about to get back together again, at least in Kardashian’s mind. Once Odom fully recovered from his overdose, the Kardashian family seemed to have distanced themselves from the former athlete.

Khloe then moved on to date Tristan Thompson, another athlete, in 2016. Everything seemed to be blissful for Khloe after such a messy marriage and dating history post-divorce. After going through infertility, Khloe got pregnant with Tristan’s child and gave birth to her daughter, True, in April 2018. Right before she gave birth, her boyfriend and the father of her child was caught cheating with numerous women. He was at the birth in spite of it and he and Khloe ended up getting back together. Less than a year later, he cheated again. This time, it was with Khloe’s sister, Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. The saddest part of it all was that she was a family friend for over 10 years at the time and Khloe helped boost Woods’ career through her business.

But even a second cheating scandal didn’t stop Khloe Kardashian from getting back together with her cheating ex. She and Thompson got back together AGAIN. This time, they were engaged to be married, went through IVF, hired a surrogate, and had a second child. It was a little too perfect, though, as it was made public that Thompson fathered a child with another woman a little bit after an embryo was transferred and Khloe’s surrogate became pregnant. The couple, of course, broke up and Khloe said it was the last straw for her and that she’d never rekindle her relationship with the father of her children ever again.

It was a very manipulative and, in hindsight, abusive situation. Tristan Thompson knew exactly what he was doing when he worked out the timeline of the embryo transfer. He had already cheated on Khloe with the other woman and he already knew he had fathered a child. Hence, he pushed the embryo transfer to happen before the baby was born and the news was made public. He lied to Khloe throughout their entire relationship and managed gaslight and control her entire life through his actions. Despite all of that, Tristan is still in the Kardashians’ lives as the father of Khloe’s children, and Khloe and Kim even flew to Toronto to attend Thompson’s mother’s funeral earlier this year.

This whole fiasco and a mess of a situation really made me think of how we view people, or more like how people are viewed vs. how they should be viewed. Tristan Thompson got me conflicted. He’d done some very questionable, shady things that hurt not only Khloe, but everyone around him as well, including all of his children. But there’s another side of him that is good and pure, and I just can’t unsee it. You see, Thompson has a younger brother who, like me, has epilepsy. With that, Thompson brings a lot of awareness thanks to his public persona, and organizes charity events to not only bring more awareness to the neurological disease, but to bring in more medical tools to bring more care and a cure to it as well.

So how could such a terrible person do such a great thing that can change so many people’s lives? So many people around the world that he doesn’t know personally, might I add. How could someone be a terrible person to those closest to him, but be a good person to those he doesn’t even know? Maybe it’s that Tristan Thompson is, in fact, a good person, but he shouldn’t be in relationships; monogamous relationships anyways. He should be like Nick Cannon – be in open relationships with a bunch of women and have children with them.

Someone’s personal life doesn’t define them as a person. Look at Leonardo DiCaprio. He only dates women no older than 25. But as a person he gives more than he takes and he is now very well-known for being a philanthropist; more so than being an actor at this point. On the contrary, I’ve been with the same man for 12 years, and I’m sure that some would say I’m not a good person. I know this for a fact because I’d been told by those who think I’m a bad person that I’m a bad person. It doesn’t mean that I’m actually a bad person. It’s just how those people perceive me, and that’s fine with me. The only people I really care that see me as a good person are my family, specifically my son. And I think it’s the same for Tristan Thompson or anyone else that has a child and is a loving parent, or anyone who doesn’t have kids, but who’s a decent human being, such as Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s just plain simple. Someone’s personal life shouldn’t be a determining factor of their goodwill. Who someone has sex with and how many sexual partners someone has is that someone’s business, and only THEIR business.

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